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A Case for Not Extracting Teeth in Orthodontic Patients

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 07-13-2012

…“I feel that extracting teeth just to give someone a better smile is often tantamount to amputation in medicine…the side effects are worse than the problem to be treated. Extraction, like amputation is a primitive albeit definitive course of therapeutic action to be used ONLY as a last resort.”

– Professor Neal C. Murphy (UCLA, 1981-2010)









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Maxillary Alveolus Development – Cosmetic Dental Arch Expansion

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 07-11-2012

Before and After Photos…

Alveolus Development for broader smiles and more esthetic facial development. This is not stable if done rapidly and non-surgically. It is however more stable if dentoalveolar surgery is employed (Wilckodontics TM) or the supporting bone is enlarged naturally through tissue engineering and facial growth guidance. (Williams Method)

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Corticotomy and Tissue Engineering for Orthodontists

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 07-11-2012

A Critical History and Commentary
A scientific manuscript submitted for publication in the journal
Seminars in Orthodontics

by NEAL C. MURPHY DDS, MS*, Clinical Professor
Departments of Periodontics & Orthodontics
Case Western Reserve University
School of Dental Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio USA 44106

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Beyond the Ligament

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 07-11-2012

A “Whole Bone” Approach to Dentofacial Orthopedics

and Falsification of Universal Alveolar Immutability

 A Manuscript submitted for publication in the  American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

 July 4, 2007

 by  Neal C. Murphy, DDS, MS 1.2

Associate Clinical Professor,

Department of Periodontology & Affiliated Skeletal Research Center

Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine

Cleveland, Ohio USA

 Lecturer, Sections of Orthodontics

 UCLA School of Dentistry

Los Angeles, CA  USA

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