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Corticotomy and Stem Cell Therapy for Orthodontists and Periodontists: Rationale, Hypotheses, and Protocol

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 01-09-2013

Stem-Cell-Therapy-for-Orthodontists and Periodontists:

This chapter is about Professor EO Wilson’s Consilience: the Unity of  Knowledge – it synthesizes periodontics and orthodontics, academics and practice, making the ideal practical. The dental specialties, divided by culture, are inseparable in science and justified by art, like the relationship between architects and structural engineers. The interface between these two disciplines focuses on two aspects: what can orthodontics do for periodontology and what can periodontics do for orthodontics? This chapter first reviews salient points of joint management that may have eluded prior papers on the subject and go into some more depth. So orthodontists can use periodontal knowledge and periodontists can answer the needs of the orthodontist. Safe methods of recognizing and avoiding attachment loss are described along with the use of asymmetric eruption when using forced eruption or molar uprighting. The concept of bone morphing is introduced and a rationale is presented that explains gingival recession as a bacterial infection, not tooth movement complication.
Finally, a method of quantizing infection, probing efficiently, and assigning infection control management tips is briefly and succinctly presented.

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