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 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 09-24-2013

How Will Your Child’s Face Grow?

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 09-12-2013

Your child’s face will grow based on three things. In his usual resting mouth posture…

Are the teeth together? Are the lips together? Is the tongue on the roof of the mouth?

With this normal oral posture, the face and teeth will grow optimally. Without this normal oral posture, the face will not grow properly, and any orthodontics will be less stable.

In the video below you will see time lapse (morphs) that show changes in facial structure over a period of several years. Compare the changes in patients who were treated with traditional techniques that pull teeth backwards in the face and/or extractions to the patients who were treated with the non-extraction appliances like those used by Dr Neal C. Murphy.
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Premature and injudicious extraction of bicuspid teeth has a retarding effect on facial growth the way damage to the growth plate limits the growth of legs. A serious injury in a growing child.