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Stem Cell Therapy

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 09-14-2010

STEM CELL FINAL PAPER – Tuesday, 9-15-10, 1106 am PDT

Modern Stem Cell therapy, evidence-based and scientifically valid, is a branch of regenerative medicine but it does not involve controversial embryonic stem cells. This protocol uses Adult Stem Cells that reduce local immunologic reactions and put over 1,000,000 bone forming cells to work only where they are needed. The surgery is relatively benign because it goes no further than 1-2 mm below the tissue. That’s the thickness of two thin dime.

Orthodontic problems usually involve more than “crooked teeth”. For most patients a jaw malalignment is also present. Thus, comprehensive orthodontic therapy involves some orthoPEDIC treatment. Of course one can cover up the jaw malalignment by taking out perfectly healthy teeth but that compromises facial appearance in time. This is called a “dished-in” appearance and affects about 25% of patients. Sometimes is referred to pejoratively as “that orthodontic look”. Modern orthodontic and facial orthopedic therapy avoids this esthetic defect but sometimes it is unavoidable. That is were Stem Cell Therapy can help. Instead of undergoing major jaw surgery in a hospital, orthodontists can now inject or surgically implant stem cells just under the surface of the gums to to grow new bone as the tooth roots are moved. Although medical orthopedic surgeons have been using this technique for over a decade in spinal fusion surgery it was added to orthodontic and periodontic regeneration protocols about 5 years ago.

What follows is a final draft for a book chapter that will be published in 2011. I hope you enjoy this “sneak preview”. Stay tuned to this blog for future additions and links.