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 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 06-04-2010

“I have known Dr. Murphy for many years…Dr. Neal Murphy…opens new biological pathways of relevant research opportunities, a targeted biological mode of research deductions and research findings…more likely to produce the kind of answers we all seek for the biological link between function and form. Not so many dental science researchers have such a biological mindset…”

Donald H. Enlow, PhD
Thomas Hill Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Case Western Reserve University


Testimonials, Dr. Murphy’s Hypotheses 6-11-10

Testimonials are not meant to aggrandize any one person or inflate the merits of a particular point of view. These testimonials are directed toward a commitment to the larger enterprise, development of dental and orthodontic standards that are more appropriate to emerging biological innovations rather than a defense of older traditional clinical art. While art is certainly an integral part of any orthodontic treatment plan, the merits of 21st century science cannot be denied. Yet progress is slow due to a social phenomenon called “culture lag”, the most vulnerable are always the last to learn. So it is with modest pride and humility that I publish some of the comments that have encouraged my efforts to proceed into this science on behalf of all our patients. It is, for the dedicated professional, a catagorical imperative. Carpe Deim!

Tissue Engineering

 :: Posted by nealcmurphy on 06-02-2010

Thailand Lecture – Tissue Engineering for Orthodontists

This article was commissioned by the Harvard Society for the Advancement of Orthodontics and directed for Harvard PhD’s. Thus it is not particularly clinician friendly at first glance. However, if one studies each paragraph and sentence, well footnoted and documented from emerging biological sciences one will find it most edifying over time.

Derivative article are forthcoming and will be written with specific readers in mind to make the text authoritative but lucid.

Have no doubt. The data herein represent authoritative sources and set the stage for practical alveolus bone engineering that has been done by well trained dentists throughout the world for the past 10-20 years. The specific protocol was first developed by Professor M. Thomas Wilcko of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. For an excellent review of hands-on surgical methods we strongly recommend that you contact and take the two day course for dentists in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

In the meantime, this article provides the scientific apologia that has subsequently been used to explain WHY Dr. Wilcko’s surgery works so well. We were compelled to present this because contemporary orthodontic theory says what we get is impossible! When new natural phenomena are observed that contemporary or old theory cannot explain or predict one forms a new theory. This article does that by synthesizing existing and emerging biologic science that bring forth new frontiers for patient care with volcanic force.